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Parivartan Social Foundation is dedicated to changing and shaping lives. The work we do at our Non-Profit is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities. Here is a listing of our projects.

TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION WITH "ICT-Master Trainer 2021 initiative

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Enabling society to adopt ICT (Technology) in education with a game changing initiatives 

A teacher is community builder and affects eternity. Since its inception, Parivartan has been focusing on upskilling teachers in remote rural areas in the field of ICT via several training programs, we kicked off one such program in Aug 2021

With the inspiration and support of Block Education Officer, Mr. Ajeet Bhandari, 11 teachers from Bironkhal and Naindanda block were identified to train them on various advanced  productivity Information and Communication Technology tools (Quizizz, MSOffice, Augmented  Reality/ Virtual Reality,  WordWall, Wakelet,  MergeCube, etc.) to take ICT education to the next level in Uttarakhand while keeping pace with the world.

The program is being lead by National Award winner teacher-  Mrs. Neeru Mittal and Mrs. Vineeta Garg - with dedicated support from Mrs. Hancy Mahajan, Ms. Komal Gupta, Mr. Bharat Singh and Mr. Nischal Rawat.

The program is expected to enhance learning outcomes by leveraging ICT into education. The participant teachers have already started training other teachers and students of the block to create a ripple effect in the community.   

The details of the sessions, course content, progress and achievements by participant teachers can be tracked via a specially designed website.     Project Website

Prastuti se aatmvishwash ki aur (from Presentation to self-confidence) 

A state-wide online event to encourage students for their presentation skills 


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Spreading awareness of ‘importance of technology in education and choosing right career path’ is something that Parivartan has been doing since it’s inception via organizing community events. Like previous years, on the occasion of the Independence day, 15th August 2021, Parivartan organized an online event for students of remote rural areas in Uttarakhand. The event was aimed at providing them with a platform where they can raise their voice using technology tools (e.g. Adobe Spark to create posters and videos on social messages) and spread their message to a larger audience. Around 120 students from different part of state registered for the competition.

Mrs. Neeru Mittal trained the students to use Adobe Spark tool to create social messages. The participant students created attractive messages with it. Students also showed their presentation skills in poem recitations, songs, career related speeches & video messages. Shri Lalita Prasad Pokhriyal, a retired principal and social worker, was chief guest of the event which was hosted by Mr. Omi Thapliyal, Mrs. Neeru Mittal, Ms. Shweta Negi, Mr. Ghanshyam Pandey, Mr. Sushil Srivastava, Mr. Bharat Singh, and Mr. Nischal Rawat.

It was a mesmerizing show by all students. The final day participants were distributed certificates and awards as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

Apart from providing a platform to students to showcase their talent, such events are also aimed at spreading the message of power of technology and bringing some level of normalcy in the students’ and teachers’ daily routine which is shaken up by the pandemic.

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Social Responsibility Giving Initiative by Veritas Technologies


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A technology company can better understand the importance of technology. As a part of Veritas Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, it worked with Parivartan team to define later's Digital Media Strategy to enhance digital education outreach to students of remote rural society. Our team participated on a well organized workshop with Veritas’ Team on 26th May.

Veritas team also donated 10 computer systems as part of their corporate social responsibility giving initiative on 8th Aug 2021. The equipment received were transported from Pune to Uttarakhand and used to setup computer labs at Government Primary school of Bironkhal block and Bageshwar District of Uttarakhand. This will not only help students but teachers to upskill themselves in technology education. 

A big thank to Veritas’ team (Mr. Sanjeev, Mr. Suresh, Ms. Ethel, Ms. Sophia, Mr. Farid, Mr. Dhananjay, Mr. Jaie and others in the backend), to work with NGOs like Parivartan which are working on-ground to uplift the society.

Corporate Volunteer engagement Initiative with Goodera and Novartis

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"An early engagement with society helps youth in being a socially responsible citizen of future.

With this theme Parivartan collaborated with Goodera and Novartis for e-content creation project. The project was aimed at connecting young professionals from corporates like Novartis to rural community. Employees from Novartis volunteered to create e-tool content for our ICT course and other training sessions.

The program enabled young professionals to have an engaging and impactful volunteering experience. It was well received by participant volunteers who even created contents with their innovative ideas that helped as a helping kit for students in remote areas. The was there for couple of months and culminated by 10th Nov 2021.

These young corporate professionals worked with a lot of excitement and connected well with objective of the program. Not to our surprise, they even expressed their willingness to continue to get engaged in such projects in future. 



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Leveraging the power of technology to connect students from remote rural areas across the globe 

Cultural exchange classes are being organized for students of remote rural areas by Parivartan since 2019. The objective is to provide them a platform to connect to global community, exchange their ideas on global issues like climate change, understand the power of technology and build up their confidence to face the world. 

During 2021, when entire world was facing travel and social restrictions, we enabled students to meet their global friends from  Hungary, Russia, Sweden and Kenya with the power of technology as a bridge.

One of the previous session was done with students from Badkot, students from Bironkhal and students from Hungry where students spoke about their country, state and town and exchange ideas. Participant students, their teachers and parents liked this interconnect as they do always.

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