Parivartan Social Foundation is a registered non-profit organization (Reg. Number 1386,under ITA 1882, New Delhi;  Govt of India's NGO Darpan Id: DL/2018/0215658) that enables students and teachers of remote rural areas in shaping their career and leveraging technology in education to achieve new age skills. 

At the core of this enablement are our volunteers who donate (share) their experience, experience, knowledge and skills transparently via our platform. Our team comprises of many eminent professionals from various domains who believe there is no better way to give back to society than sharing learnings. ​



A tech-savvy rural society aware of their career goals for a better world.


Transform lives of 1,00,000 under-privileged students, with power of volunteerism in technology education and career coaching, by 2024.



We upskill students and teachers of remote rural areas with new age technology skills and right career path that allows them to enhance learning experience and better outcomes.

Our overall program themes are around following three initiatives:

1. Technology in Education: Most of the schools in rural areas are still relying on traditional methods of teaching in this technology era. Parivartan team understands it and, therefore, works towards transforming their classroom experience by educating them about technology tools that help in accelerated learning, leveraging engaging contents and innovative teaching methods. The initiative is aimed at building a tech-savvy rural society that matches to the pace of the world.

2. Career Shaping: Lack of proper environment and right guidance is a common challenge in most of the rural areas that hinders students from becoming a confident personality and choosing a right career path for themselves. Parivartan's personality development classes, cultural exchange classes and career coaching classes are answer to these challenges. Parivartan team not works in guiding them to right career path but also provides them an environment to develop their personalities. Students from rural areas are provided an environment where they can connect with students of foreign countries as a part of this initiative. 


Skill Volunteering: This is the core of the backend functioning of Parivartan. We enable professionals with a platform to donate (share) their learnings to society.  One side, there are students and teachers who live in remote rural areas, uses traditional learning methods in their schools and are not so clear about their career path and goals. The other side, there professionals who want to share their experience, knowledge, skills and learnings. Our platform bridges this gap by enabling skilled professionals from corporates, colleges and other institutions, to meet students and teachers of remote rural area to uplift their lives.

Meet The Team


Neeru Mittal

Chief Education Officer 


Vineeta Garg

Chief Advisor - ICT


Sushil Srivastava



Usha Chauhan

Chief Career Counsellor