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It's not only about helping others but also gaining a feeling of happiness!

We welcome corporates, educational institutions, individual volunteers and anyone who wish to give back 2 community. 

Our 'go back to school' initiative provides a unique opportunity to organizations and individual volunteers to collaborate with us in uplifting the rural school community. We enable our partners with flexibility and transparency to give back 2 society. Below are our three flagship initiatives:

Volunteers Day
  • PSF enables visit to a nearby local govt. school, spend a day to directly volunteer services & skills to the school community.

  • This opportunity offers volunteers to rise to a special occasion e.g., Earth day, Independence day, Republic day, Teacher’s day, Diwali, Yoga day, etc. and encourage / motivate school community with initiatives that enhance their learning and awareness about technology, nature, society, country, career, etc.

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Volunteer trip to Hills
  • PSF enables partner employees visit to one of the govt. schools in hills of Himalayas where they spend few days and directly volunteer their services to school /local community.

  • This opportunity offers partner employees to drive or participate into a technology or career oriented workshop, event or research work that aims enhancing learning outcomes and upskilling school community.

Flexi Volunteering Projects
  • Volunteers indirectly work for school community and spend couple of hours in a week as per their flexibility (weekend or weekday).

  • This opportunity offers volunteers to participate into a short project with specific objective like research on a new age digital tools, research on new education policies or learning methods, building new digital channels for school community, documentation on career or technology specific topics, etc.

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🌟 Unlock the Power of Giving! 

But before, why should you even donate us


Genuine Grass root NGO

We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those residing in remote rural areas, where support is often scarce. You will hardly find any NGOs reaching out there. Your support reaches the heart of where it's needed the most, ensuring that no one is left behind


Your contribution is Tax Exemption

We hold 80G and 12A certifications, offering you tax exemptions on your donations. By choosing to support us, you not only contribute to positive change but also optimize your tax planning, making your giving more impactful and sustainable.


Proven resilience even during pandemic



Even in the face of unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization stood resilient. We were at the forefront, including first in Uttarakhand, leveraging technology to continue educating and supporting communities.

Our commitment to openness means you can trace the impact of your donation every step of the way. With us, you're not just giving; you're becoming an integral part of our transparent and accountable approach to creating positive change.


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