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A Parivartan (Change) by bringing technology into education for remote rural society

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Technology has made an impact in everybody's life, in every domain. With regard to education domain, traditional classes with chalk and black board have been there for long time and still in many remote areas these are de facto.

In 2019 when lockdown due to Covid pandemic isolated everyone including teaches and their students, the lives of students were impacted badly. Their parents were more concerned about their wards future. Authorities and many others were in wait and watch situation as it was a cautious period. Everyone was worried about well being of their loved ones. Socializing and going out was not advisable.

It was Parivartan who then stepped forward and was first to introduce online class skills for teachers and students of Uttrakhand and some other states. We reached out to students and teachers, educated them about technology tools that can help in continuing their studies. We worked all through 2019 and 2020 to train and educate several teachers and students from remote areas.

It really feels much satisfying to see back how our small team was able to make a big change in society. Now several teachers, authorities, students are capable of doing technology in their education. There are several who are left out, our efforts are to bring them to the stream.

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