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India is the largest democratic country in the world and is known for its fascinating history in the field of mathematics. Yet the developing country is battling with issues like poverty, illiteracy, education system, infrastructure for ages, and this has become even more prominent after the lockdown. The education system in rural parts of India is in need of indispensable hours of sunlight.

The lack of ‘intent’ is not the case, but the lack of awareness among society regarding the importance of providing access to technology in education for children is.

The speed at which technology is growing is at full tilt and the world around us is taking a 360-degree turn by transforming into technologically oriented.

Introducing information and communication technology (ICT) in education has become the highlight of the digital culture.

Conducting online lectures, interviews, workshops was positive till it strike the rural areas where unresolved issues of stagnant poverty halt the current flow of productive learning for the students in rural parts of India forcing them to rely on the traditional methods of education which are not aligned with the present scenario of the transforming world.

Due to lack of exposure in areas of career advancement, the chances of falling off-track in this technological race are high for such bright minds. The goal of the Parivartan Foundation is to create a tech-savvy rural society that is aware of its career goals for a better world. Our primary focus is to provide technology to these rural areas and to bring ahead the children of our country by providing them access to the technological tools that help in accelerated learning, leveraging engaging content and innovative teaching methods.

The initiative is aimed at building a tech-savvy rural society that matches the pace of the world, to educate them and eradicate the poverty crisis and help them to live a purposeful life

Our mission is to transform the lives of 1,00,000 students in rural areas by guiding them to their career path and educating them to leverage technology in their lives by 2023. This is achievable if we all step forward, willingly contribute our skills, time, and donate.

This platform bridges this gap by enabling skilled professionals from corporates, colleges, and other institutions, to meet students and teachers of remote rural areas to uplift their lives and, as Nelson Mandela rightly said,

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

- Yogeeta Chauhan 

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